We Offer Relief for:

We provide gentle and safe adjustments for all ages using therapies-ultrasound, muscle stimulation, and laser light therapy in conjunction with topical pain relievers.

We Offer Relief For Many Conditions, Including:

icon-3 Back Pain
icon-3 Wrist Pain
icon-3 Neck Pain
icon-3 Work Injuries
icon-3 Shoulder Pain
icon-3 Painful Joints
icon-3 Headaches icon-3 Pediatric
icon-3 Migraines icon-3 Pinched Nerve
icon-3 Carpal Tunnel
icon-3 Plantar Fascitis
icon-3 Tennis Elbow
icon-3 Ribs Pain
icon-3 Knee/Ankle Pain
icon-3 Sciatica (Leg Pain)
icon-3 Arthritis icon-3 Shoulder Pain
icon-3 Tendonitis icon-3 Slipped Disc
icon-3 Stress icon-3 Sports Injuries
icon-3 Jaw Pain icon-3 Tennis Elbow
icon-3 Knee Pain icon-3 TMJ
icon-3 Numbness